Fraser Squadron

Serving Delta, Tsawwassen, Ladner and Richmond

Fairleads - 1980 - 89


Many of Fairleads from the 1980's have survived



Fairlead V5N6 |January 

Fairlead V5N8March

Fairlead V5N9April

Fairlead V6N1June

Fairlead V6N2July

Fairlead V6N3August

Fairlead V6N4September

Fairlead V6N5October

Fairlead V6N6November



Fairlead V6N9 February

Fairlead V6N10March

Fairlead V7N1May

Fairlead V7N2June

Fairlead V7N3July-August

Fairlead V7N4September

Fairlead V7N5October

Fairlead V7N6November-December



Fairlead V7N7January

Fairlead V7N8February

Fairlead V7N9March

Fairlead V7N10April

Fairlead V7N11May

Fairlead V8N1 June

Fairlead V8N2July-August

Fairlead V8N3 September

Fairlead V8N4October

Fairlead V8N5November

Fairlead V8N6December



Fairlead V8N7January

Fairlead V8N7February

Fairlead V8N9March

Fairlead V8N10April

Fairlead V9N1May

Fairlead V9N2 June

Fairlead V9N3July-August

Fairlead V9N4 September

Fairlead V9N5October

Fairlead V9N6November

Fairlead V9N7 December



Fairlead V9N8January

Fairlead V10N2June

Fairlead V10N4October

Fairlead V10N5November

Fairlead V10N6December


Fairlead V10N7January

Fairlead V10N8February

Fairlead V10N10April

Fairlead V11N2June

Fairlead V11N3September


Fairlead V11N4 October


Fairlead V11N7January

Fairlead V11N9March

Fairlead V11N10April

Fairlead V12N1May

Fairlead V12N2June

Fairlead V12N3September

Fairlead V12N4October

Fairlead V12N5 November


Fairlead V12N8February

Fairlead V12N9March

Fairlead V12N10April

Fairlead V13N1May

Fairlead V13N2June

Fairlead V13N3September

Fairlead V13N4October

Fairlead V13N5November


Fairlead V13N7January

Fairlead V13N8February

Fairlead V13N9March

Fairlead V13N10April

Fairlead V14N1May

Fairlead V14N2June

Fairlead V14N4October


Fairlead V15N3September