Prerequisite: None
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Price: CPS members: $125
Non-members: $150

This is for the boater who wishes to take advantage of modern devices for navigation and safety afloat.

The course covers electrical power systems for boats, wiring, galvanic corrosion, stray current corrosion, radio signal propogation, depth sounders, Radar, Loran C, GPS, fuel vapour detectors, fluxgate compasses, autopilots and other instrumentation.

The development of new equipment and technologies in Marine Electronics is occurring at a rapid pace. The effect of this is being felt by more and more recreational boaters as price and size reductions make it available to even the smallest boats. The course begins with a review of basic electrical theory. An understanding of Ohm's Law and the principles of induction and capacitance will greatly facilitate the comprehension of wiring systems, trouble shooting, and other course material.

This is not an advanced course. Only sufficient technical details are taught to enable the student to understand the general operating principles of the various electronic devices found on recreational vessels. A graduate of this course will be better equipped to choose equipment, in most cases to install it, and in many cases, undertake preventative and corrective maintenance.

This course is subject to minimum enrolment.
Pre-registration is required.