On Friday April 26, Fraser Squadron held its anual Annual General Meeting and Change of Watch at the Richmond Yacht club.

With attendance by PMD representative Craig Neill and guest speater Lorraine Graves, this years AGM was another success.

Your elected bridge for the coming year:

Position Name
Commander Cleve Pryde
Executive Officer  ---
Chinese Ex Officer Chao Huang
Secretary Kathleen Vanderwood
Treasurer Meredith Williamson
Admin Officer  ---

In addition we are pleased the following members have agreed to accept squadron appointed positions.

Position Name
Training Officer Peter Lefroy
Chinese Training Officer Sherwin Wang
Assistant Training Officer Nan Lockie
Assistant Training Officer Byron Buie
Membership Paul Vanderwood
Chinese Membership Michael Lee
Public Relations Jan Muller
Cruise Master Dave Mellis
Environmental Les Muller
Webmaster Bob Everson
Publications/Editor Vidas Vitkus
Asst. Publications/Editor Gouri Chinnappa
Supplies/Training Aids Bill Hawryluk
Historian Bob Juulsen
Multi-Cultural Officer Jack Tang
Port Captain Peter Lefroy
Regalia Donalda Buie
Past Commander Peter Lefroy

Past Commander Byron Buie started the evening by informing members present that squadron Commander Peter Lefroy was unable to attend the AGM due to a medical emergency. Duties that would ordinarily by performed by Commander Lefroy would be shared by past commanders in attendance. PC Byron Buie then turned the floor over to immediate past commander Dave Mellis. 

PC Dave Mellis introduced and recognized attending past commanders. After the introductions, PC Mellis announced that minutes of the previous AGM were available online and that if there was no business arising from the minutes he would entertain a motion to dispense with reading of the minutes and to accept the minutes as distributed. PC Mellis then asked for the year end reports from the current bridge. After accepting the reports as delivered, PC Mellis turned the floor over to past commander Bob Everson to conduct the election. 

After clearing the current bridge from the head table PC Everson ensured there was no last minute stampede of members seeking election to the bridge, PC Everson read the nominees for the incoming bridge before asking current secretary Gouri Chinnappa to cast one vote to elect the the bridge for the 2019-2020 year. Then PC Everson asked our PMD delegate, Education Officer Craig Neill to pledge the incoming Fraser Squadron bridge. 

EO Neill pledged incoming Commander Cleve Pryde and then asked the other members of the bridge to join at the front of the room to also be pledge for the next year. 

As everyone was now exhausted by the official swearing and pledging a short recess was called so that AGM attendees could partake of the fruits, veggies and (best of all) the deserts before continuing. Thank you Jan and Les Muller for one of the most important aspects of this, or any, AGM. 

After everybody had an opportunity for food and beverage, past Commander Paul Vanderwood introduced our speaker for the evening, Lorraine Graves. Ms. Graves is an awarded TV producer and is currently reporter for the Richmond Sentinal. I cannot remember her long list of accomplishments, but she has lived on boat and that makes her OK in our books. Ms. Graves talked to us about how to deal with the jerks on the water. Surprisingly, not only did her advice make sense but it didn't involve the use of physical confrontation, name hurling or other actions that seem to come so naturally to us.

Here are few photos of the evening.